SD_RingBuoy_Innovation - Two-Phase Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for Low Cost, Retro-fit, End-to-End, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to Alert, Monitor and Report on Ring Buoy Theft

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Dublin City Council manages approximately 140 ring buoys in Dublin.These ring buoys are located on the banks of the two canals, the three rivers (Liffey, Tolka and Dodder), in the Docklands area and in the Council beach areas. Unfortunately, approximately 15 of these ring buoys go missing/are stolen every week.This problem exists across all 31 local authorities’ areas in Ireland, 18 of which manage coastal water safety and all of which manage inland water safety. Across Ireland, hundreds of life buoys go missing every week, putting people’s lives at risk. Dublin City Council's Water Safety Officer and Water Safety Ireland are jointly responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the ring buoys in Dublin City. Inspectors visit each ring buoy location to checking the integrity of each ring buoy. This includes checking the ring buoy itself, its casing and the rope.All issues are manually recorded on a report sheet. The report sheets are brought back to the office, the issue is recorded, reported, and the report sheets are stored.New parts (ring buoys or rope) are ordered and deployed on the next visit to that location.This process can delay the ring buoy replacement turnaround time.Each ring buoy costs approx. €40.The need to replace approximately 600 ring buoys each year costs Dublin City Council in excess of €20,000 and could potentially endanger lives.Due to health and safety issues, ring buoys cannot be re-distributed if they have been tampered with and many end up in landfill sites.Based on the feedback from a Prior Information Notice (PIN) published in December 2019, Dublin City Council now wishes to establish a Framework Agreement.It involves a two-phased approach alongside a PPI process to procure low cost, retro-fit end-to-end, IoT solutions to alert, monitor and report on ring buoy theft (the Services) across multiple site locations in the Dublin region.For further information see attached documentation.Please note that this project is subject to funding.


28/08/2020 12:00:00

73000000-2  Research and development services and related consultancy services
30236200-4  Data-processing equipment
31644000-2  Miscellaneous data recorders
32573000-0  Communications control system
33195100-4  Monitors
34990000-3  Control, safety, signalling and light equipment
34996200-7  Control, safety or signalling equipment for inland waterways
35100000-5  Emergency and security equipment
35110000-8  Firefighting, rescue and safety equipment
35112000-2  Rescue and emergency equipment
35113000-9  Safety equipment
35125100-7  Sensors
35710000-4  Command, control, communication and computer systems
38424000-3  Measuring and control equipment
38822000-3  Remote-control siren devices
42961100-1  Access control system
42967100-3  Digital remote-control unit
48600000-4  Database and operating software package
48611000-4  Database software package
48612000-1  Database-management system
48614000-5  Data-acquisition system
50312300-8  Maintenance and repair of data network equipment
71700000-5  Monitoring and control services
72212211-1  Platform interconnectivity software development services
72212600-5  Database and operating software development services
72212610-8  Database software development services
72300000-8  Data services
72313000-2  Data capture services
72315000-6  Data network management and support services
72315200-8  Data network management services
72316000-3  Data analysis services
72317000-0  Data storage services
73300000-5  Design and execution of research and development
79711000-1  Alarm-monitoring services
98000000-3  Other community, social and personal services

Dublin City Council
Civic Offices, Wood Quay
Dublin 8
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Contract notice (TED (v209)) 28/07/2020 11:40
Contract award notice (TED (v209)) 02/12/2020 12:11
Two-Phase Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for Low Cost, Retro-fit, End-to-End, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions to Alert, Monitor and Report on Ring Buoy Theft
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