Market Consultation for Zero-Emission Ramp-Accessible Coaches

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The Authority is seeking to commence procurement of zero-emission and/or ramp-accessible coaches that incorporate a permanent wheelchair space within a low-floor area and have sufficient externally-accessible luggage storage capacity (capable of accommodating luggage and/or unfolded bicycles/mobility scooters), while still comfortably accommodating a similar number of seated passengers to an equivalent EURO VI coach. The Authority is therefore particularly interested in hearing from parties that have recent experience (within the last 5 years) in the supply of complete M3 Class III coaches and/or the supply of chassis for same. All means of achieving zero-emission at the tailpipe of the coach will be considered, including battery-electric, fuel-cell-electric, battery-electric with fuel-cell range extender and opportunity-charged battery-electric. The Authority strongly encourages potential suppliers to put forward any innovative ideas and suggestions pertinent to this consultation, as this is the opportune time to provide feedback. Consequently, the Authority wishes to invite interested parties to partake in this market consultation exercise. All relevant responses will be appreciated. Please note that responses to these consultation questions shall not constitute an obligation on behalf of the Authority in any way and are merely to facilitate our internal decision making. The responses will ultimately lead to more effective procurement frameworks. Where specified by the respondents, responses shall be treated as strictly private and confidential and shall be solely for the purpose of informing the planned procurement


06/04/2023 12:00:00

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Market Consultation for Zero-Emission Ramp-Accessible Coaches
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