RFT for the provision of case worker services by organisations involved in emergency food provision

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In summary, the services comprise: The provision of services, based on a case work model, to support people experiencing food poverty. This pilot programme will consist of providing a case worker service in up to four regions of Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway; by organisations involved in emergency food provision (directly or indirectly). The case worker will assist in identifying the barriers and issues leading to food poverty and provide advice and access to services. The case worker will also obtain data and report on their findings. This pilot programme is a Budget 2023 measure coordinated by the Department of Social Protection and will run for 18 months. It should be noted there is no guarantee of funding beyond the initial 18-month pilot period. Any extension or expansion of this programme is dependent on the outcome of the pilot and available funding


11/05/2023 17:00:00

75200000-8  Provision of services to the community
85310000-5  Social work services
85312000-9  Social work services without accommodation
85312300-2  Guidance and counselling services
85312310-5  Guidance services
85312400-3  Welfare services not delivered through residential institutions
85320000-8  Social services
85321000-5  Administrative social services
85322000-2  Community action programme
85323000-9  Community health services

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Lot 1 - Dublin
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