Cabhrú Housing Association - Single Operator Framework Agreement for Legal Consultancy Services

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Cabhrú Housing Association is seeking to establish a Single Operator Framework Agreement for the provision of legal consultancy services associated with its development projects. The following list illustrates the subject matter which might typically arise under this Framework. This is a non-exhaustive list and merely serves to illustrate the type of services that may be required by the Contracting Authority. - Leases - Licences - Acquisitions and Disposals - Wayleaves - Construction and Infrastructure projects (including procurement advices relating to same) - Contract Issues, including variations - Environmental Matters - Mediation and/or Arbitration - Construction Professional Appointments - Bonds and Warranties - Guarantees and Insurance - Health and Safety - Joint Ventures and Development Agreements - Loan Procurement Agreements and Security for same


12/04/2023 12:00:00

79111000-5  Legal advisory services
79100000-5  Legal services
79110000-8  Legal advisory and representation services
79112000-2  Legal representation services
79140000-7  Legal advisory and information services

Cabhru Housing Association
Fr Scully House, Gardiner Street Middle
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Patrick Doherty

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Single Operator Framework Agreement for Legal Consultancy Services
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