A Soil Sampling and Analysis Programme

Soil Health and Nutrient Management are key components of the Programme for Government and the output from this Programme will assist with targeting management practices /measures and advice to support national and EU policy such as the new Soil Strategy and proposed Soil Health Law as well as the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), Climate Action Plan, Farm-to-Fork, Water Framework & Nitrates Directives, and the Biodiversity Strategy and the new EU R&I, Soil Health, Food Mission and Food Vision 2030. The soil sampling programme, at field scale, will provide the basis for the next generation of soil-specific nutrient management advice and underpin targeted fertiliser and organic manure applications (right nutrient type, right application rate, right time & right place) across all farming systems in Ireland. Farmers will also be provided with indicative soil carbon results for their land, which is an important baseline result on an individual and national level from a soil health and climate change perspective. Indicative E.coli results will provide the basis for developing strategies to manage animal, human and environmental health on the farm.


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A Soil Sampling and Analysis Programme
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