AC/2022/16 - DPS for Artform Support Services

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The Arts Council of Ireland has a number of specialist artform teams who manage application assessment and policy development for their artform areas. These teams regularly contract advisory, funding assessment and research services to assist their work in supporting and developing the arts in Ireland. The DPS will be divided into four Categories (each a “Category”) as described below: Category 1 – Adviser Services Category 2 – Lead Assessor Services Category 3 – Support Assessor Services Category 4 – Research Services Each Category is sub-divided into the following artforms(Sub-Categories): - Architecture - Arts Participation - Arts Centres - Circus, Street Arts and Spectacle - Dance - Festivals - Film - Literature (English) - Literature (Irish) - Music - Opera - Theatre - Traditional Arts - Visual Arts (Artists) - Visual Arts (Organisations) - Young People, Children and Education (YPCE)


01/03/2032 12:00:00

92000000-1  Recreational, cultural and sporting services
92300000-4  Entertainment services
92310000-7  Artistic and literary creation and interpretation services
92311000-4  Works of art
92312000-1  Artistic services
92312200-3  Services provided by authors, composers, sculptors, entertainers and other individual artists
92312210-6  Services provided by authors
92312211-3  Writing agency services
92312220-9  Services provided by composers
92312230-2  Services provided by sculptors
92312240-5  Services provided by entertainers
92312250-8  Services provided by individual artists
92320000-0  Arts-facility operation services
92330000-3  Recreational-area services
92340000-6  Dance and performance entertainment services
92341000-3  Circus services
92342000-0  Dance-instruction services
92500000-6  Library, archives, museums and other cultural services
92520000-2  Museum services and preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92521000-9  Museum services
92522000-6  Preservation services of historical sites and buildings
92522100-7  Preservation services of historical sites
92522200-8  Preservation services of historical buildings
98000000-3  Other community, social and personal services
98200000-5  Equal opportunities consultancy services

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DPS for Artform Support Services
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