Riparian Planting and Trimming - Riparian Planting and Bush Trimming

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Riparian Planting and Bush Trimming along 2.6km stretch of the Dresnagh River from the river's confluence with the Finn upstream consisting of 5,114m of fencing of various specs including sheep wire, electric fencing and horizontal barb. 19 stiles and 35 unigates will be installed at specific locations along the fence as will 28 solar powered pumps (of two different specs) and 73 eighty gallon twin reservoir troughs. An area instream containing high silt deposits approximately 209 metres squared at the confluence to the main Finn must be cleaned out to allow better access upstream also.


06/06/2022 17:00:00

45243510-0  Embankment works
45246200-5  Riverbank protection works
45262640-9  Environmental improvement works
45340000-2  Fencing, railing and safety equipment installation work
45342000-6  Erection of fencing
71313000-5  Environmental engineering consultancy services
71332000-4  Geotechnical engineering services
71337000-9  Corrosion engineering services
77310000-6  Planting and maintenance services of green areas
90722000-4  Environmental rehabilitation
98342000-2  Work environment services

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Riparian Planting and Bush Trimming
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