WIT/P/L/2021/01 - Visitor and Development Plan, Clondra, Richmond Harbour, Tarmonbarry

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The development of a visitor and tourism plan will chart and identify the recreational and tourism interventions required to boost tourism, recreation and economic regeneration in the area. The project objectives are as follows: I. To take an integrated development approach to conserve, develop and promote the Clondra / Richmond Harbour and Tarmonbarry area as a significant recreation / tourism destination in the centre of Ireland; II. To set out a clear, realistic and achievable tourism vision for the Clondra/Richmond Harbour and Tarmonbarry area over a ten year period. As part of this, there should be a clear understanding of each location to ensure retention of the distinctiveness of each place, whilst allowing for development and evolution of use for the future; III. The plan must be compatible with the environmental designation and zoning of the areas covered in the Visitor and Tourism plan ; This should include screening of the plan in terns of SEA and AA considerations. IV. To set out a clear strategy based on a range of options that will be followed in order to achieve the vision; V. To determine user demand along with economic and social benefits for each recommended option highlighting in particular employment opportunities. VI. Provide potential delivery models for each recommended option VII. Prioritise interventions/projects and identify Lead delivery partners. VIII. To stimulate support from local community, businesses and government representatives to ultimately attract funding to deliver objectives set out in a visitor and tourism plan; Stakeholder engagement is an essential strand of this objective IX. Invigorate activity – drive both recreational and tourism activity in the area; X. Work in partnership with other agencies to deliver objectives; XI. Generate Income; and XII. Protect and restore one of our heritage assets (the lockhouse).


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Visitor and Development Plan, Clondra, Richmond Harbour, Tarmonbarry
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