Mentoring to Social Enterprises in Managing Change - Strategic Planning & Income Diversification

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North Tipperary Development Company (NTDC) is a local development company responsible for the delivery of a range of rural enterprise, social inclusion, and community development initiatives in the North Tipperary region. During the COVID-19 pandemic Social Enterprises have played a key role in their communities providing important services and promoting social inclusion locally. We are now expanding our services to these enterprises through a suite of supports under the ILDN Covid19 Social Enterprise Regeneration Programme. (ILDN – Irish Local Development Network) Managing Change – Mentoring supports to Social Enterprises NTDC is currently seeking tenders from suitably qualified persons/organisations to deliver one-to-one Mentoring on Strategic Planning and Income Diversification to Social Enterprises in North Tipperary, Clare and Limerick. This project will provide support for social enterprises to re-evaluate their mission in response to recent developments around COVID-19 and enable them to plan better for the future.  It will provide practical tools and training to social enterprises to improve their business model, think more strategically, develop trading opportunities, and diversify their products and income streams. Customised mentoring will support Social Enterprises to improve their resilience and achieve their social objectives, review their marketing and communication with particular focus on social impact and linking with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Tendering individuals/organisations should demonstrate capacity in one or more of the following thematic areas: Social Enterprise business models & strategic planning. Idea’s generation – income diversification & generation. Measuring and communicating your social impact. UN Sustainable Development Goals and your Social Enterprise.


29/10/2021 17:00:00

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Social Enterprise business models & strategic planning
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Idea’s generation – income diversification & generation
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Measuring and communicating your social impact
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UN Sustainable Development Goals and your Social Enterprise
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