St. Gabriel's Energy Pathfinder - Schools Energy Pathfinder Decant Programme 2021 - St. Gabriel's

Tenders are invited from suitably qualified Architect or Building Services Engineer that are familiar with school design and have experience in delivering projects of a similar scale and complexity . The Pathfinder Partnership Programmes focus on supporting energy efficiency energy retrofit in the Primary & Post Primary Schools. These include energy retrofit improvements for the buildings, test approaches, build best practice and develop a scalable energy retrofit model which can be replicated across the public sector. The main objective of the Programme in 2021 is to implement a range of deeper energy retrofit and renewable heating solutions in a number of typical schools and to test approaches, build best practice and capacity to develop a replicable scalable energy retrofit model for the building stock to help deliver on the sectors energy and decarbonization targets, primarily during 2021 school holiday periods. Where improvements are made, the intent is to optimize improvements concerning fabric and ventilation, improve efficiency of lighting and HVAC systems and deliver space heating by means of renewable heat. The Energy retrofit works being carried out, this school is piloting a procurement approach where Refurbishment work will be completed at the same time. The Refurbishment works will be funded by DoE.


15/09/2021 17:00:00

71000000-8  Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71200000-0  Architectural and related services
71220000-6  Architectural design services
71221000-3  Architectural services for buildings
71300000-1  Engineering services
71310000-4  Consultative engineering and construction services
71314000-2  Energy and related services
71314100-3  Electrical services
71314200-4  Energy-management services
71314300-5  Energy-efficiency consultancy services
71314310-8  Heating engineering services for buildings
71315000-9  Building services
71318000-0  Advisory and consultative engineering services
71320000-7  Engineering design services
71321000-4  Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71321200-6  Heating-system design services

St. Gabriel’s Special School
Murphy’s Farm, Curraheen Estate
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Diarmuid Waters

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Schools Energy Pathfinder Decant Programme 2021 - St. Gabriel's
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