CCC/064/21 - Supply and Installation of Solar Panels at Tramore Valley Park

To all applicants Invite to tender issued 6th August 2021 Supply and Installation of Solar Panels at Tramore Valley Park You are invited to submit tenders under open procedure for above-named contract on or before 6th September at 5pm via etenders. It is required to install the works prior to the 30th December 2021. Please refer to the document schedule and document packages. Please ensure to complete form of tender at Volume B and ensure all suitability questionnaires and declarations and pricing supplement at Volume C are completed, as tenders may be declared invalid if information is incomplete or missing. All tender queries and responses will be in writing via etenders only. A site visit will be facilitated on 18th August during office hours. Contact Laura Lyons, Environmental Technician, by email to schedule. Tenderers are recommended to visit the site before tender submission, to make themselves familiar with the extent, locations and nature of the works (particularly in connection with routes of existing services) as any claim for additional payments due to ignorance of site conditions/design proposals or information relating to the existing site/services will not be acceptable. All electrical works & alterations associated with this project are to be included by the contractor, Exclusion of any electrical costs will not be accepted. All Visits must be carried out with prior permission and in strict accordance with Covid regulations. Due to COVID-19, only 1 visitor is allowed per bidder and visitor must wear face covering if entering the buildings and otherwise adhere to public health guidance. Cork City Council


06/09/2021 12:00:00

45261215-4  Solar panel roof-covering work
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09330000-1  Solar energy
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Supply and Installation of Solar Panels at Tramore Valley Park
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