DAFMFOR1 - Provision of planning, environmental and legal expertise to review and make recommendations for the licencing of forestry activities

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The provision of planning, environmental and legal services to carry out a review of the regulatory framework within which the Department operates in the area of licencing forestry activities; deliverables will include recommendations that will increase efficiencies in delivering this service while adhering to obligations with regard to protecting the environment and public participation. The Department seeks experienced professionals in these disciplines, with directly relevant experience, to work as a team providing an integrated service. in this regard, the service provider can be either a single entity or combination of entities operating through a lead entity which will take responsibility for the overall service delivery


03/09/2021 13:00:00

79111000-5  Legal advisory services
03000000-1  Agricultural, farming, fishing, forestry and related products
03400000-4  Forestry and logging products
03410000-7  Wood
03411000-4  Coniferous wood
03412000-1  Tropical wood
03413000-8  Fuel wood
03414000-5  Rough wood
03415000-2  Softwood
03416000-9  Wood waste
03417000-6  Scrap wood
03417100-7  Sawdust
03418000-3  Logs
03418100-4  Hardwood
03419000-0  Timber
03419100-1  Timber products
03419200-2  Mining timber
03440000-6  Forestry products
03441000-3  Ornamental plants, grasses, mosses or lichens
03450000-9  Tree-nursery products
03452000-3  Trees
03460000-2  Pulp
03461000-9  Wood pulp
03461100-0  Chemical wood pulp
16340000-0  Harvesting and threshing machinery
77000000-0  Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services
77100000-1  Agricultural services
77200000-2  Forestry services
77210000-5  Logging services
77211000-2  Services incidental to logging
77211100-3  Timber harvesting services
77211200-4  Transport of logs within the forest
77211300-5  Tree-clearing services
77211400-6  Tree-cutting services
77211500-7  Tree-maintenance services
77211600-8  Tree seeding
77220000-8  Timber-impregnation services
77230000-1  Services incidental to forestry
77231000-8  Forestry management services
77231100-9  Forest resources management services
77231200-0  Forest pest control services
77231300-1  Forest administration services
77231400-2  Forest inventory services
77231500-3  Forest monitoring or evaluation services
77231600-4  Afforestation services
77231700-5  Forestry extension services
77231800-6  Forest nursery management services
77231900-7  Forest sectoral planning services
79100000-5  Legal services
79110000-8  Legal advisory and representation services
79130000-4  Legal documentation and certification services
79131000-1  Documentation services
79132000-8  Certification services
79132100-9  Electronic signature certification services
79140000-7  Legal advisory and information services
79410000-1  Business and management consultancy services
79411000-8  General management consultancy services
79411100-9  Business development consultancy services
79412000-5  Financial management consultancy services
79413000-2  Marketing management consultancy services
79414000-9  Human resources management consultancy services
79415000-6  Production management consultancy services
79415200-8  Design consultancy services
79419000-4  Evaluation consultancy services
79420000-4  Management-related services
79421000-1  Project-management services other than for construction work
79421100-2  Project-supervision services other than for construction work
79421200-3  Project-design services other than for construction work

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Provision of planning, environmental and legal expertise to review and make recommendations for the licencing of forestry activities
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