SPU CO48-2021 - Data management and support for coastal habitat monitoring projects

Irish coastal habitats have been included in several desk and field surveys, resulting in a large body of data relating to the ecology of the Irish coast (for examples see https://www.npws.ie/maps-and-data/habitat-and-species-data). The primary use for these data sets has been in reporting under Article 17 of the Habitats Directive, but in future data will be required for reporting on Natura 2000 sites by NPWS. In addition, there is a wide range of stakeholders also use NPWS datasets for academic research, appropriate assessment, and local area planning among other activities. Data relating to habitats of salt marsh are also collected by NPWS for assessment under the Water Framework Directive. In recognition of the importance of ecological datasets as a public asset, NPWS seeks to make information publicly available where possible and is increasingly focussed on improving data accessibility e.g. through publicly available viewers and downloads. The approach to survey of these habitats has evolved with experience over time. While the data recorded in successive surveys were stored according to NPWS standards, the models for data collection and storage have necessarily been adapted to reflect changes in approach over the years. These changes make trend analysis more challenging and threaten the validity of results when comparing successive surveys. The risks associated with the current data storage system will increase as NPWS seeks to increase the capacity of ecologists nationally to engage in coastal surveys, as a larger pool of consultants may result in inconsistent approaches to data processing prior to survey. Support is required to ensure a coherent approach to analysis and assessment for National Conservation Assessments across coastal habitats, including the use of remodelled and updated survey data. See RfT document


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Data management and support for coastal habitat monitoring projects
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