2021 10 - Website Design Development Maintenance and Support to LMETB

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

The Contracting Authority proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a single party framework agreement for the provision of Website Design, Development, Maintenance and Support services


27/08/2021 12:00:00

72413000-8  World wide web (www) site design services
72210000-0  Programming services of packaged software products
72211000-7  Programming services of systems and user software
72212000-4  Programming services of application software
72212100-0  Industry specific software development services
72212190-7  Educational software development services
72212200-1  Networking, Internet and intranet software development services
72212210-4  Networking software development services
72212220-7  Internet and intranet software development services
72212300-2  Document creation, drawing, imaging, scheduling and productivity software development services
72212400-3  Business transaction and personal business software development services
72212600-5  Database and operating software development services
72220000-3  Systems and technical consultancy services
72415000-2  World wide web (www) site operation host services

Louth and Meath Education & Training Board
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Co Meath
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Esther Burns

Published notices
Contract Notice (eTenders) 30/07/2021 12:00
Contract Award Notice (eTenders) 09/12/2021 10:27
Website Design Development Maintenance and Support to LMETB
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