WIT/M&D/2021/02 - Sustainable On Water Living Feasibility Study

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Waterways Ireland are commissioning a feasibility study to investigate the options for sustainable models of on-water living developments on the Canal Networks. This feasibility study will inform future development plans for the Canals and the wider waterways network. This will involve thorough engagement and consultation of concerns and solutions of stakeholders. The study includes a detailed analysis of residential on water offerings and associated development requirements carried out in other international jurisdictions; an analysis of their suitability of their application to the Canal Network in Ireland; an examination of the environmental impact of any recommended solutions; and a comprehensive overview of the resource requirement for implementation.


09/08/2021 17:00:00

63726800-2  Research vessel services
71241000-9  Feasibility study, advisory service, analysis
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73300000-5  Design and execution of research and development
79300000-7  Market and economic research; polling and statistics
79310000-0  Market research services
79311400-1  Economic research services
79311410-4  Economic impact assessment
79314000-8  Feasibility study
79411000-8  General management consultancy services
79411100-9  Business development consultancy services
79419000-4  Evaluation consultancy services

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Sustainable On Water Living
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