21-001 AMTCE - 21-001 – ITT for full PSDP Services

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The building is to be changed from being used as Commercial Office space & a Pharmaceutical Research & Development Building to an Educational Training Centre. The project requires the complete re-purposing of all existing services where possible & the complete re-configuration of the internal space including the forming of new spaces to serve as an Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre of Excellence for various new technologically advanced manufacturing training courses. The project will require a substantial amount of internal demolition works & structural interventions. The new internal spaces should be designed fully to include but not limited to all necessary services required for those spaces to function as required to deliver the new advanced technological courses and any changes/updates to these, as per the schedule of accommodation & proposed new GA’s accompanying this document. The Design Team may be required to develop a design that can be completed in a number of phases and building works associated with this project may need to be delivered over a number of phases or various contracts e.g. M&E package, fire cert package as funding becomes available or is secured from other external bodies. The building may need to remain in operation in order that existing committed training can be delivered. The project is being managed by LMETB, Abbey Road, Navan, Co. Meath and appointment will be subject to suitable funding being secured and approval of DFHERIS/SOLAS.


02/07/2021 12:00:00

71317210-8  Health and safety consultancy services
71200000-0  Architectural and related services
71300000-1  Engineering services
71310000-4  Consultative engineering and construction services
71311000-1  Civil engineering consultancy services
71317000-3  Hazard protection and control consultancy services
71317200-5  Health and safety services
71318000-0  Advisory and consultative engineering services

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21-001 – ITT for full PSDP Services
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