IVA5058/5 - Hydrological options report on river discharge at Emyvale Weir, Co. Monaghan.

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Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) wish to hire the services of a consulting engineer to prepare a options report on the current situation at Emyvale weir with a view to altering a proportion of river flow to favour the Mountain Water main channel downstream of Emyvale weir. Under the current situation, the weir is in use to divert water to Emy Lough. The diverted water does not return to the Mountain Water from Emy Lough but rather flows directly into the Ulster Blackwater river. This diversion creates a significant impact on hydromorphological conditions downstream as there are insufficient water volumes to sustain natural environmental regimes. The services required will include: IFI wish to appoint a consultant to obtain all necessary information to a) Report on the current situation (in terms of discharge to Mountain Water river at Emyvale weir and discharge to Emy Lough and outfall discharge from Emy Lough. Also, in terms of abstraction by the Group Water Scheme). b) Report on options of altering the river flow to increase the discharge at Emyvale weir to favour the Mountain Water River (in terms of hydrology, structural disturbance, and ecological implications). (Note: There should be no change to Group Water Scheme) c) Produce a final report outlining options for redirecting and potentially increasing river discharge at Emyvale weir. The services required will include: 1. To prepare a topographical survey of the site. 2. To prepare hydro modelling report for the proposed works 3. To prepare an architectural heritage report of the site. 4. To prepare an archaeological report of the site excluding Emy Lough. 5. Following the preparation of the above reports , prepare a full options report. Please note: A mandatory requirement of an accompanied site visit with IFI staff member must be undertaken prior to tender submission. Site visits will only be arranged for 01/06/21 – 04/06/21 inclusive. Arrangements for site visits must be made with 48 hours’ notice


25/06/2021 17:00:00

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Hydrological options report on river discharge at Emyvale Weir, Co. Monaghan.
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