TII202 - MetroLink Client Partner Support Services

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Further to issue of the previous Periodic Indicative Notice for the preliminary market consultation for MetroLink Client Support Services on the 19 March 2020 and responses received on 07 April 2020, TII has evaluated the feedback received and has amended its procurement approach for these services. TII intends to issue a Contract Notice for Client Partner Support services in June 2021 subject to approval of the Preliminary Business Case which has been issued to the Department of Transport and other necessary approvals being in place. TII intend to publish the Contract Notice for Project Delivery Partner services in Q1 2022.


28/05/2021 12:00:00

71311000-1  Civil engineering consultancy services
71310000-4  Consultative engineering and construction services
71311100-2  Civil engineering support services
71320000-7  Engineering design services
71322000-1  Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
71500000-3  Construction-related services
71530000-2  Construction consultancy services
71540000-5  Construction management services
71541000-2  Construction project management services
79933000-3  Design support services

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Micheal O'Connor

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Periodic indicative Notice - Utilities (TED (v209)) 21/04/2021 11:11
MetroLink Client Partner Support Services
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