JN/457/2021 - Multi Purpose Motor Launches

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

The Irish Naval Service seeks tender from economic operators for the provision of four 12m to 15m Multi Purpose Motor Launches.


20/05/2021 12:00:00

34500000-2  Ships and boats
34510000-5  Ships
34511100-3  Marine patrol vessels
34512000-9  Ships and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods
34512200-1  Cruise ships
34512400-3  Cargo ships
34512500-4  Goods vessels
34512700-6  Ro-Ro vessels
34512800-7  Tanker ships
34512950-3  Refrigerated vessels
34513000-6  Fishing, emergency and other special vessels
34513100-7  Fishing vessels
34513150-2  Factory ships
34513350-4  Dive-support vessels
34513450-5  Production vessels
34513500-1  Seismic survey vessels
34513550-6  Survey vessels
34513600-2  Pollution-control vessels
34513650-7  Fire vessels
34513700-3  Rescue vessels
34513750-8  Light vessels
34514100-4  Drillships
34522300-5  Small craft
34913600-6  Ship propellers
34930000-5  Marine equipment
34931500-7  Vessel traffic control equipment
35500000-9  Warships and associated parts
35510000-2  Warships
35511400-3  Amphibious crafts and ships
35513000-3  Mine warfare and auxiliary ships
35513200-5  Auxiliary research vessel
35513300-6  Auxiliary intelligence collection vessel
35520000-5  Parts for warships
35521000-2  Hull and mechanical spare parts for warships
35521100-3  Engines and engine parts for warships
35522000-9  Electronic and electrical spare parts for warships
42111100-1  Outboard motors for marine propulsion
45216200-6  Construction work for military buildings and installations
45244000-9  Marine construction works
45244100-0  Marine installations
45248200-9  Dry docks construction work
50200000-7  Repair, maintenance and associated services related to aircraft, railways, roads and marine equipment
50240000-9  Repair, maintenance and associated services related to marine and other equipment
50241000-6  Repair and maintenance services of ships
50241100-7  Vessel repair services
50242000-3  Conversion services of ships
50244000-7  Reconditioning services of ships or boats
50245000-4  Upgrading services of ships
50640000-3  Repair and maintenance services of warships
51145000-0  Installation services of marine engines
60443100-6  Air-sea rescue services
60640000-6  Shipping operations
60651000-6  Hire of vessels with crew
60651100-7  Hire of sea-going vessels with crew
60651200-8  Hire of inland waterway vessels with crew
63725200-9  Standby vessel services
63726700-1  Fishing-vessel services
63726800-2  Research vessel services
63727000-1  Towing and pushing services of ships
66514120-3  Marine, aviation and other transport insurance services
71354500-9  Marine survey services
73112000-0  Marine research services
76522000-8  Offshore supply-vessel services
98360000-4  Marine services
98361000-1  Aquatic marine services
98362100-9  Marine-base support services

Irish Naval Service
County Cork
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Jude O'Driscoll

Published notices
Contract notice (TED (v209)) 15/04/2021 16:41
Contract award notice (TED (v209)) 24/01/2022 15:11
Multi Purpose Motor Launches
Awarded supplier:

FM Marine Services Ltd, organisation no: 9645613L

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