GWS Framework - Establishment of a Multi Contractor Framework Agreement for the Provision of Water Treatment Services for Group Water Schemes

John Diskin & Associates wish to procure and establish a multi-contractor Framework Agreement appointing competent water treatment contractors qualified to meet Galway County Council requirements and standards stipulated in the Drinking Water Regulations 2014 and in compliance with the Government Climate action plan. To achieve these objectives the Contracting Authority is seeking to establish a multi-party framework of professional and independently attested water treatment technology and service providers who will work with them in a continuing partnership for the provision of these critically important services. It is emphasised that the services comprise the following; • The Provision of Water Treatment Services • The Design and Construction of Water Treatment Facilities for Group Water Schemes Once the multi-party frameworks have been established, contractors appointed to the framework shall be commissioned on a project-by-project basis pursuant to a Mini-Competition. These Mini-competitionss will be carried under the protocol of the Competitive Dialogue process. It is emphasised that this framework agreement constitutes no guarantee to procure a specific service from a particular economic operator. However it is anticipated that initially four projects will be commissioned when the framework has been established.


29/04/2021 14:00:00

45232430-5  Water-treatment work
45000000-7  Construction work
45111200-0  Site preparation and clearance work
45112100-6  Trench-digging work
45231100-6  General construction work for pipelines
45232100-3  Ancillary works for water pipelines
45240000-1  Construction work for water projects
45252120-5  Water-treatment plant construction work
45252126-7  Drinking-water treatment plant construction work

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Establishment of a Multi Supplier Contractor Framework Agreement for the Provision of Water Treatment Services
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