Solar PV Install - PV System at Teach Breac Earls island Galway

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Inland Fisheries Ireland is seeking tenders for the provision of a Solar PV solution at its premises at Teach Breac Earls Island Co Galway H91 E2A2 IFI 1. A 34.96 kW Solar PV system (materials and installation) with a solar hot water diverter. The solar panels proposed should deliver an efficiency (standard) of >20% The property is provided with 3 phase power. The annual energy usage of the property is 25,000 kWh. The company will also be required to set up monitoring of the PV system through a modem and data sim, the data sim will be provided by Inland Fisheries Ireland. The company should also provide information on whether planning permission will be required for the project. Please provide manufactures specification with all equipment.


20/05/2021 17:00:00

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Inland Fisheries Ireland
3044 Lake Drive, City West
Dublin 24
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Thomas Mc Grory

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PV System at Teach Breac Earls island Galway
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