P1146 - R253 three bridges - Ecology services to support the maintenance of three bridges along the R253 in Co. Donegal.

Donegal county Council need to undertake essential maintenance to three road bridges along the R253. Each bridge has a number of structural defects which if left untrated could affect the structural stability of the bridge. in the long term. The maintenance is required to achieve presere the bridges in their current state and retain their highway functionality. Each bridge either span or has a direct connector to the Owenea River. The Owenea River forms part of the West of Ardara / Maas road SAC and a number of qualifying interests including Freshwater Pearl Mussels, Atlantic Salmon and Otters are known to be present within the Owenea River. Donegal County Council wish to engage the services of a Chartered Ecologist to undertake a Stage 2 Appropriate Assessment and prepare a Natura Impact Staement in respect to these works. As well as oversee the the approvals process on behalf of Donegal county Council.


16/04/2021 14:00:00

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Contract Notice (eTenders) 26/03/2021 16:30
Ecology services to support the maintenance of three bridges along the R253 in Co. Donegal.
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