SPU CO12-2021 - Bryophyte Taxonomist Project Leader

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NPWS seeks to engage the services of an experienced bryophyte taxonomist to fulfil the role of Project Leader. The work will entail the collection and examination of a range of Irish bryophyte taxa and comparative morphological description with synonymous and related taxa found elsewhere in the world. The successful candidate will work closely with laboratory technicians at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, who will carry out molecular genetic analysis of samples, gathered both from the field and from suitable herbarium material. It is envisaged that collaboration with bryologists working outside Ireland will be necessary to obtain samples for comparative analysis. Candidates will need a proven track record in bryophyte taxonomy and fieldwork, preferably in Ireland, Macaronesia and tropical Africa or America, a history of fruitful collaboration with others, familiarity with which key collaborators to liaise with, and project leadership skills. See RfT Document for details.


12/04/2021 10:00:00

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Paul Laycock

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Bryophyte Taxonomist Project Leader
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