2020/17 - Re-advertisement of a Panel for the provision of Health and Safety Courses for LMETB Students

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

A Chara,


LMETB following a competitive process has established a panel from which it will source service providers to provide a variety of Health and Safety short courses to our learners. 

These Health and Safety Courses are required for a range of QQI courses offered by LMETB schools/centres/programmes in order to prepare students for work placements or as part of their coursework.  Courses take place during the academic year and the panel will be used to provide training throughout the year.  Student numbers change on an annual basis and there is no guarantee to the number of students who will require Health and Safety Training or the number of course.  The panel allows flexibility if training needs expand in the area of health and safety during the term of this panel.  The training provided to students supplements their classroom education and placements in the achievement of their academic awards.


There will be no restrictions to the number of applicants who can qualify for the panel.


The duration of the panel will be four years.

LMETB now re-advertise the panel.

Responses may be sent to Mr Martin O’Brien, Chief Executive, LMETB, Abbey Road, Navan, Co. Meath.  The panel will be advertised annually.

To submit your response please complete the Tender Response Document.

Is mise, le meas

Mary Keane,

Procurement Officer.