NDFA Devolved Schools Building Programme 2 (“DSBP2”) Design & Build Contractor Framework

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The National Development Finance Agency (“NDFA”) has been commissioned to deliver a new programme of school building projects on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills (“DoES”). This is the second programme of school building projects to be devolved to the NDFA and is hereafter referred to as the Devolved Schools Building Programme 2 (“DSBP2”). The DSBP2 will comprise an initial 20 school building projects and may be expanded to include further projects in the future. These schools comprise a combination of new build, replacement, refurbishment and extensions to primary and post primary schools. The anticipated value of the DSBP2 Framework is up to €800 Million.


02/06/2021 16:00:00

45214200-2  Construction work for school buildings
45000000-7  Construction work
45210000-2  Building construction work
45214210-5  Primary school construction work
45214220-8  Secondary school construction work
45214230-1  Special school construction work
45453100-8  Refurbishment work
71000000-8  Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71500000-3  Construction-related services

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