GCC Regen Clifden - Clifden Town Centre Enhancement Projects

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Procurement of an urban designer/architect led multi-disciplinary design team for the delivery of Clifden Town Centre Public Realm Enhancement project including, Clifden Harbour Park and Beach Road Quay Clifden


30/04/2021 12:00:00

71220000-6  Architectural design services
71200000-0  Architectural and related services
71240000-2  Architectural, engineering and planning services
71250000-5  Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71300000-1  Engineering services
71311000-1  Civil engineering consultancy services
71312000-8  Structural engineering consultancy services
71313000-5  Environmental engineering consultancy services
71317200-5  Health and safety services
71320000-7  Engineering design services
71324000-5  Quantity surveying services
71400000-2  Urban planning and landscape architectural services
71420000-8  Landscape architectural services
71500000-3  Construction-related services
71520000-9  Construction supervision services
71540000-5  Construction management services
71541000-2  Construction project management services

Galway County Council
County Hall
Prospect Hill
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Hazel Fox

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Contract notice (TED (v209)) 10/02/2021 12:11
    Corrigendum (TED (v209)) 29/03/2021 12:11
Clifden Town Centre Enhancement Projects
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