LM/16/12916 - N16 Drummahan Realignment

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

(1) Site Clearance (2) Installation of instream culverts (3) Road Restraint Systems (4) Surface water drainage works (5) Utility diversions works (6) Road signs, road markings and road studs (7) Earthworks (8) Kerbing (9) Boundary treatment works and accommodation works (10) Landscaping works (11) Road pavements.


16/03/2021 12:00:00

45233120-6  Road construction works
43312000-3  Road-surfacing machinery
44113800-3  Road-surfacing materials
45233121-3  Main road construction works
45233122-0  Ring road construction work
45233123-7  Secondary road construction work
45233124-4  Trunk road construction work
45233129-9  Crossroad construction work
45233223-8  Carriageway resurfacing works
45233226-9  Access road construction work
45233227-6  Slip road construction work
45233251-3  Resurfacing works

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Joseph Mulleady

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N16 Drummahan Realignment
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