The provision of Customer Communications Services

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The development of strong visual and informative communications outputs and messaging for the Department in a range of formats, and for a range of audiences, to meet the communications and information needs of the wider public, the Department's customers and stakeholders, including specific target audiences by campaign/project. This will include design and copywriting for advertising on an ongoing basis, with fuller details listed in Appendix 1.


15/01/2021 17:00:00

79341400-0  Advertising campaign services
79340000-9  Advertising and marketing services
79341000-6  Advertising services
79342200-5  Promotional services
79415200-8  Design consultancy services
79822500-7  Graphic design services
92111200-4  Advertising, propaganda and information film and video-tape production
92111210-7  Advertising film production
92111220-0  Advertising video-tape production

Department of Social Protection
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Alex Byrne

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The provision of Customer Communications Services
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