AC/2019/25 - Awareness and Visibility Campaign for The Arts - 2021

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The Arts Council wishes to undertake a targeted awareness and visibility campaign for the arts in early 2021 and seeks tenders for the planning, management and creative work on this campaign from suitably qualified entities. The Arts Council anticipates that this work may be suitable for companies with expertise in advertising, marketing and media planning, or to groups or partnerships of suitable individuals or companies who collectively have this expertise. The Arts Council anticipates that digital marketing and engagement will form a key part of the campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage and promote engagement among members of the public with the arts in this period, at home, online and, when circumstances allow, in person, taking advantage of the range of engagement opportunities that do and will exist.


11/01/2021 12:00:00

79341400-0  Advertising campaign services
32417000-9  Multimedia networks
72212480-7  Sales, marketing and business intelligence software development services
79340000-9  Advertising and marketing services
79341000-6  Advertising services
79342000-3  Marketing services
92000000-1  Recreational, cultural and sporting services

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Maureen Kennelly

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Awareness and Visibility Campaign for The Arts - 2021
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