5G and Future of Connectivity - DCC Market Consultation on 5G and the Future of Connectivity

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Dublin City Council is interested in hearing from the market with the intent of developing a further understanding of the following: ● Current, medium and long-term telecoms requirements within Dublin City Council’s administrative area. ● The suitability of small cell deployment models such as neutral host and shared infrastructure, outlined in the discussion paper, to enable large-scale rollouts. ● The implications of neutral hosting and active sharing on net neutrality, traffic management, security and market competition. ● The implications of Article 57 of the European Electronics Code (Directive EU 2018/1972), which aims to simplify and accelerate small cell installations through a permit-exempt deployment regime. ● The most appropriate ways to address access to Dublin City Council’s assets and requirements including fibre and power. ● The best strategies to minimise road openings and address visual clutter. ● Identification of commercial and revenue opportunities for the city and its residents, as well as potential use cases for the end-state network. ● How to address the digital divide and social inclusion to ensure novel innovations and applications support all communities in Dublin.


20/11/2020 12:00:00

32412100-5  Telecommunications network
32424000-1  Network infrastructure
32500000-8  Telecommunications equipment and supplies
32520000-4  Telecommunications cable and equipment
32521000-1  Telecommunications cable
32522000-8  Telecommunications equipment
32523000-5  Telecommunications facilities
32524000-2  Telecommunications system
32561000-3  Fibre-optic connections
32562100-1  Optical-fibre cables for information transmission
32562300-3  Optical-fibre cables for data transmission
32570000-9  Communications equipment
32571000-6  Communications infrastructure
32572000-3  Communications cable
32572100-4  Communications cable with multiple electrical conductors
32572300-6  Communications cable for special applications
45314000-1  Installation of telecommunications equipment
45314300-4  Installation of cable infrastructure
50330000-7  Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment
50332000-1  Telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services
50333000-8  Maintenance services of radio-communications equipment
51300000-5  Installation services of communications equipment
64200000-8  Telecommunications services
64227000-3  Integrated telecommunications services
71311300-4  Infrastructure works consultancy services

Dublin City Council
Civic Offices, Wood Quay
Dublin 8
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Nicola Graham

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DCC Market Consultation on 5G and the Future of Connectivity
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