Higher Education PPP Programme - Bundle 2 PIM PQQ

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05/03/2021 17:00:00

45214000-0  Construction work for buildings relating to education and research
45000000-7  Construction work
45210000-2  Building construction work
45214300-3  Construction work for college buildings
45214400-4  Construction work for university buildings
45214600-6  Construction work for research buildings
45220000-5  Engineering works and construction works
45300000-0  Building installation work
45315000-8  Electrical installation work of heating and other electrical building-equipment
45350000-5  Mechanical installations
45351000-2  Mechanical engineering installation works
45400000-1  Building completion work
50000000-5  Repair and maintenance services
50700000-2  Repair and maintenance services of building installations
50710000-5  Repair and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical building installations
66122000-1  Corporate finance and venture capital services
71000000-8  Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services
71200000-0  Architectural and related services
71220000-6  Architectural design services
71240000-2  Architectural, engineering and planning services
71300000-1  Engineering services
71311000-1  Civil engineering consultancy services
71312000-8  Structural engineering consultancy services
71315000-9  Building services
71317200-5  Health and safety services
71317210-8  Health and safety consultancy services
71320000-7  Engineering design services
71321000-4  Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
71324000-5  Quantity surveying services
71540000-5  Construction management services
71541000-2  Construction project management services
72224000-1  Project management consultancy services
79993000-1  Building and facilities management services
79993100-2  Facilities management services

National Development Finance Agency
Treasury Dock, North Wall Quay
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Higher Education PPP Programme - Bundle 2 PIM PQQ
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