ESS036C UXD Services for UL - User Experience Design (UXD) Services for the University of Limerick

The RFT has ended, you cannot answer the invitation.

Dear Tenderer,


Please note that all documents relating to this competition are available to download from only. All communications should be in accordance with the rules contained within the documentation.

The supplier is requested to carefully read the documentation in relation to format/protocol for questions, response times and format of response.

Suppliers are requested to monitor emails from the E-tenders website as clarifications will be notified from the E-tenders portal rather than the sourcing body's corporate email address.

Tenderers intending to submit a tender proposal are reminded to complete all relevant documentation relating to the competition, including but not limited to teh RFT document and Appendices 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

We kindly request that all tenderers submit ancillary documents in the English language.



The EPS Team