Graphic Design Services for the Heritage Council

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B1. ability to cope with remote working by telephone and email and online meetings, as per the government’s guidelines; B2. capacity to manage a number of publications simultaneously as well as being able to provide material at relatively short notice; B3. Ability to supervise the production of all related design material to tight deadlines; B4. Ability to supply bar codes, when required, for inclusion on the covers of publications; B5. Ability to arrange for delivery of soft and hard copy of proofs and completed publications to Kilkenny, Ireland. The Council has a distribution system in place for its publications so the delivery of publications to retail outlets will not be required; B6. In line with our statutory obligations, some of these publications will be in Irish. The full text will be supplied to the designers by the Heritage Council; B7. Ability to supply texts for website use by the Heritage Council. (The Heritage Council is required to make its publications as widely accessible as possible in accordance with WC3 Web Accessibility Initiative. This includes developing versions of all future publications for the Heritage Council website that comply with best practice accessibility guidelines; B8. Ability to work with the Heritage Council’s PR and Communications staff and consultants on the branding of all material produced by the Heritage Council; and B9. Ability to send an itemised bill/invoice to the Heritage Council on a monthly basis.


12/06/2020 17:00:00

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The Heritage Council
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Gerard Croke

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Graphic Design Services for the Heritage Council
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