WV20/4 - Provision of Consultancy and Training for the Solas Step Up and Grow your Business

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The Step Up and Grow your business development programme caters specifically for SME Managers and staff. The purpose of the programme is to provide advice/assistance and training to develop the necessary skills for SME Managers to ensure that enterprises are best placed to respond positively to a changing Ireland where indigenous industry is facing major changes with trading relationships, new technology and globalisation. Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board is the lead ETB and will take overall responsibility for the project. Tipperary Education and Training Board and Kilkenny Carlow Education and Training Board at management level will assist and collaborate on all aspects of the project and work closely with WWETB to ensure a successful programme. The three ETBs will promote the project with each nominating ten SME managers to participate. Each eligible Business will benefit from a Benchmarking Exercise and up to 10 days training/mentoring in their company. The ETBs will assist with the management of regional activities such as seminars and workshops run as part of the project. The Contracting Authority proposes to engage in a competitive process for the establishment of a multi-party party framework agreement for the provision of Consultancy and Training for the Solas Step Up and Grow your Business. The tender is divided into 7 Lots. Tenderers may submit proposals for one or more lots and must be clear on which lots they are tendering for in their response. The minimum contract awarded will be one Lot. The hours may be varied depending on the individual assessment of each nominated business and its specific training/support required across the various specialisms and is also subject to the funding available. Tenderers may tender for one or several lots. Please note that this service requirement is categorised as a Title III Service, thereby being subject to a light touch application of Directive 2014/2


04/06/2020 11:00:00

80000000-4  Education and training services
72221000-0  Business analysis consultancy services
79400000-8  Business and management consultancy and related services
79410000-1  Business and management consultancy services
79411100-9  Business development consultancy services
79900000-3  Miscellaneous business and business-related services
80500000-9  Training services
80510000-2  Specialist training services
80511000-9  Staff training services
80521000-2  Training programme services
80522000-9  Training seminars
80530000-8  Vocational training services
80531000-5  Industrial and technical training services
80531100-6  Industrial training services
80531200-7  Technical training services
80532000-2  Management training services
80533000-9  Computer-user familiarisation and training services
80533100-0  Computer training services
80540000-1  Environmental training services
80550000-4  Safety training services
80570000-0  Personal development training services

Waterford & Wexford Education & Training Board
WWETB Head Office, Ardcavan Business Park
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