Civil Engineering Materials - Dynamic Purchasing System for Civil Engineering Materials (Supply Only)

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The Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC), acting as a central purchasing body under the auspices of Kerry County Council, is co-coordinating the establishment of a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) of Economic Operators for Civil Engineering Materials (Supply Only) on behalf of contracting authorities. The contracting authorities eligible to partake in the DPS are identified in the Instructions Document.


02/01/2026 15:00:00

44113000-5  Road-construction materials
14200000-3  Sand and clay
14210000-6  Gravel, sand, crushed stone and aggregates
14211000-3  Sand
14211100-4  Natural sand
14212000-0  Granules, chippings, stone powder, pebbles, gravel, broken and crushed stone, stone mixtures, sand-gravel mixtures and other aggregates
14212200-2  Aggregates
14212210-5  Sand-gravel mix
14212300-3  Broken and crushed stone
14212310-6  Ballast
14212410-7  Topsoil
14212420-0  Subsoil
14212430-3  Stone chippings
14213000-7  Macadam, tarmac and tar sands
14213200-9  Tarmac
14213300-0  Tar sands
24957200-9  Additives for cements, mortars or concretes
34929000-5  Highway materials
34946100-1  Railway-track construction materials
34946120-7  Railway materials
43413000-1  Concrete or mortar mixers
44000000-0  Construction structures and materials; auxiliary products to construction (except electric apparatus)
44100000-1  Construction materials and associated items
44110000-4  Construction materials
44111000-1  Building materials
44111800-9  Mortar (construction)
44113100-6  Paving materials
44113130-5  Paving stones
44113140-8  Roadstone
44113200-7  Flagstones
44113300-8  Coated materials
44113310-1  Coated road materials
44113320-4  Coated roadstone
44113330-7  Coating materials
44113600-1  Bitumen and asphalt
44113620-7  Asphalt
44113700-2  Road-repair materials
44113800-3  Road-surfacing materials
44113810-6  Surface dressing
44113900-4  Road-maintenance materials
44113910-7  Winter-maintenance materials
44114000-2  Concrete
44114100-3  Ready-mixed concrete
44114200-4  Concrete products
44190000-8  Miscellaneous construction materials
44900000-9  Stone for construction, limestone, gypsum and slate
44910000-2  Stone for construction
44912000-6  Miscellaneous building stone
44912200-8  Sandstone

Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC)
Unit 9, Ground Floor, Building C, Reeks Gateway, Rock Road
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Eamonn O'Donoghue

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Lot 1 - Bound and Unbound Aggregate Materials (Supply Only)
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Lot 2 - Ready-Mix Concrete (Supply Only)
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