TII251 - Luas Finglas Topographical Survey

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Luas Finglas is the proposed new northern extension of the Luas Green Line from its current terminus in Broombridge to a new terminus in Charlestown, in close proximity to the N2-M50 interchange. It is approximately 4km long, with 4 new stops, two main bridges, one new P&R and a new extension to Broombridge depot. The services require a ground topographical survey at 1:200 mapping scale along the proposed Luas Finglas route corridor of approximately 4km long using the ITM Grid as defined by project control (‘Project Grid’), including the provision of control and the option to provide additional control and topographic mapping elsewhere on the proposed Luas Finglas route.


30/03/2020 12:00:00

71355000-1  Surveying services
71250000-5  Architectural, engineering and surveying services
71353000-7  Surface surveying services

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
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Rob Grumley

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Luas Finglas Topographical Survey
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