FCC/055/20 - Provision of Backup Disk Storage, Media Agent Servers & Disk Library

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Fingal County Council’s IT Department is undertaking a project to enhance server backup and recovery performance which will provide improved RTO’s / RPO’s and SLA’s to user departments. The current backup SLA’s RPO’s range between 1hour – 24hours. The upgrade will involve moving from file level backups to VMDK backups and utilizing Commvault’s deduplication and compression techniques to reduce both the backup window and the storage footprint. The Council intends to leverage an investment in its Nexus 7K core network switching and Solid State Stretched VSAN clusters to deliver a near ZERO DR solution. Fingal County Council is seeking a qualified vendor to provide high performance Media- Agent Server/Compute hardware with directly attached (12Gb/s SAS HBA) disk storage. The Council have an initial requirement for of 500TB of useable disk storage (RAID 6). The storage solution should be scalable to a minimum of 1 Petabyte. A Tape Library (LT08) is required for data archiving. The hardware must support current versions of Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery for Virtualised environments and Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery for Physical Servers.


28/02/2020 12:00:00

48820000-2  Servers
30233000-1  Media storage and reader devices
30233100-2  Computer storage units
30233110-5  Magnetic card storage units
30233120-8  Magnetic tape storage units
30233130-1  Magnetic disk storage units
30233140-4  Direct-access storage devices (DASD)
30233180-6  Flash memory storage devices
30234000-8  Storage media
30234500-3  Memory storage media
30237110-3  Network interfaces
30237135-4  Network interfaces cards
32400000-7  Networks
32420000-3  Network equipment
32421000-0  Network cabling
32422000-7  Network components
32423000-4  Network hubs
32424000-1  Network infrastructure
32425000-8  Network operating system
32426000-5  Network publishing system
32427000-2  Network system
32428000-9  Network upgrade
44316400-2  Hardware
48800000-6  Information systems and servers
48821000-9  Network servers
48822000-6  Computer servers
48823000-3  File servers
48824000-0  Printer servers
48825000-7  Web servers
51611100-9  Hardware installation services
72317000-0  Data storage services

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Provision of Backup Disk Storage, Media Agent Servers & Disk Library
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