Rockcorry Scoil Mhuire - Rockcorry Scoil Mhuire - Roll No. 10429W - Extension & Refurbishment - Architect

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New Build (2storey) – 5 x Classrooms incl WCs & Storage (80m2), 1x Library & Resourse Area combined incl Storage (60m2), 1 x Multipurpose Room (20m2), 1 x General office (15m2), 1 x Staff Room (20m2), 1 x Universal Accessible Toilet/Shower for assisted users (10m2), 1 x Adult Toilets (4m2) 1 x General Storage (20m2), 1 x DCC & Electrical (4m2), 1 x Boiler House (9m2). Refurb existing building - 1xGeneral purpose room (140m2), 1x General Purpose Room Servery (8m2), 1 x P.E. Equipment Store (15m2), 1 x WC Area [4 no.] associated with General Purpose Room (13m2).


17/02/2020 17:00:00

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Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board
Church View Square
Co. Cavan
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George Gilliland

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Contract notice (TED (v209)) 17/01/2020 17:10
Rockcorry Scoil Mhuire - Roll No. 10429W - Extension & Refurbishment.
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