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Christ Church Cathedral is Dublin’s oldest working structure, a place of Christian worship and one of the city’s leading heritage attractions, welcoming 275,000 paying visitors per annum (2018). We wish to enhance the experience of self-guided visitors to our building by providing a multi-layered, multi-language audio guide and a multi-layered, accessible audio-visual guide. The audio guides will provide market-specific content for North American, French, German, Spanish and Italian visitors. They should allow for the easy addition of further languages and tours in the future, at minimal additional cost. We also wish to provide an accessible audio-visual guide in English for those with sight and hearing impairments. Tenderers should demonstrate accessible solutions as part of their application. Both the audio guide and the accessible audio-visual guide will incorporate the three themes which run through all our new interpretation. The organising structure of the guides will reflect these themes, across all languages. We anticipate the purchase of approximately 100 audio guides and 15 accessible audio-visual guides. These quantities are subject to change depending on unit price.


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Supply of audio guides in several languages
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