Provision of Kitchen & Cafe, Butler Gallery, Evans' Home, Kilkenny

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In the first quarter of 2020, Butler Gallery, the leading contemporary art gallery and museum with a permanent collection in the South East, is moving from its current location in Kilkenny Castle to a fit-for-purpose venue called Evans’ Home; one of Kilkenny’s most iconic and historically and architecturally significant buildings. Originally a military barracks and recommissioned as an Alms House in 1818, Evans’ Home has been completely restored and renovated, affording the Butler Gallery the opportunity to expand its audiences and visitor numbers and to enhance the visitor experience with an enticing and creative café offering. At Evans’ Home the Butler Gallery will house its Permanent Collection, the Tony O’Malley Bequest, a double-height contemporary gallery and will facilitate many in house and collaborative events. We anticipate growing our visitor numbers by nearly 50% in year one of this move to 65,000. The café will form an important part of the offering to these visitors who will be Kilkenny locals and domestic and overseas tourists. The café has stunning indoor and outdoor spaces (30+ seats indoors and 30+ seats outdoor in summer months) and will have the opportunity to respond to catering requests of Corporate Friends events and attract links with the many festivals featured throughout the year in Kilkenny. The ability of the café to differentiate itself from competitors, distinguish itself via a bespoke angle to become known for and align its offering to the Butler Gallery environment is desired. As a visual arts organisation the Butler Gallery wishes that the high standards of design and visual character of the Evans’ Home building and the Gallery Collection will be reflected in the materials used in the cafe space. The Tenderer will be responsible for full fit-out of the kitchen and café.


11/11/2019 17:00:00

55000000-0  Hotel, restaurant and retail trade services
55300000-3  Restaurant and food-serving services
55310000-6  Restaurant waiter services
55311000-3  Restricted-clientele restaurant waiter services
55312000-0  Unrestricted-clientele restaurant waiter services
55320000-9  Meal-serving services
55321000-6  Meal-preparation services
55322000-3  Meal-cooking services
55330000-2  Cafeteria services
55400000-4  Beverage-serving services
55410000-7  Bar management services
55500000-5  Canteen and catering services
55510000-8  Canteen services
55520000-1  Catering services

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Provision of Kitchen & Cafe, Butler Gallery, Evans' Home, Kilkenny
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