Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Engineer and Geoscientist/Groundwater Engineer Contractor Services for GSI Climate Change Actions (Groundwater Monitoring and Modelling Response

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The provision of hydrogeologist/groundwater engineering and geoscientist contractor services to develop a groundwater monitoring network and undertaken modelling that will enhance the understanding of specific groundwater system responses to climate change. Works will include: design, installation supervision and management of a groundwater monitoring network; development of conceptual and 3D models of the chosen groundwater systems; develop/contribute to analysis/modelling methodologies to estimate groundwater response to climatic stresses and enable forecasting for different hydrogeological environments; engage with appropriate stakeholders during the course of the project and provide and deliver appropriate presentation material as required. This project will include a research collaboration that will focus on the modelling of groundwater responses to climatic stresses and forecasting. This component will be procured through an associated research call.


15/11/2019 12:00:00

71351900-2  Geology, oceanography and hydrology services
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Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications
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Garry Dunphy

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Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Engineer Project Manager
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Graduate Geoscientist (up to three positions)
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