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SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority is seeking PR and event management support services. SOLAS, under Section 7, Further Education and Training Act, 2013 has a statutory mandate to promote an appreciation of the value of further education and training this includes changing the perception of FET and supporting the promotion of programmes such as apprenticeship, post-leaving cert courses and traineeships. The SOLAS communications team is currently rolling out a two year corporate communications strategy and a campaign to change perceptions of further education and training in Ireland. In the past twelve months, SOLAS has hosted the first TEDxTalk in an Irish Prison, run events with key stakeholders including employers, legislatures and education stakeholders, commenced the publication of a suite of bulletins of labour market data and developed a dedicated website promoting further education and training thisisFET.ie. The SOLAS communications team requires support in implementing certain aspects of these projects. This will include: 1. Managing and coordinating the logistics of up to four events annually; 2. Providing PR support for these events including social media management; 3. Identifying/managing other media engagement opportunities from time to time; 4. Curating content for the This is FET website and social media channels; 5. Providing PR support, when required, for the This is FET campaign; 6. Any additional supports that may be required.


04/11/2019 13:00:00

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PR and Event Management
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