Citizens' Assembly - AV Recording & Live Streaming of the Citizens’ Assembly and associated follow up services

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The Department of the Taoiseach is seeking AV recording & / Live Streaming of the Citizens’ Assembly and associated follow up services as set out in Appendix 1 of the RFT. The venue for the Assembly (not yet decided) will be required to provide adequate broadband, microphones and sound facilities, and the successful tenderer for this contract will be required to ensure that their equipment integrates with that infrastructure. The services under this contract will include • Filming services at all meetings of the Citizens’ Assembly to a standard which is capable of being viewed live on an internet stream. The filming should also be of a standard which would allow Service providers to transmit edited coverage in the form of short news packages. In order to adequately provide coverage, it is anticipated that the Service provider will provide cameras at each event. • The live feed will be carried on the website of the Assembly. The successful tenderer will provide the live stream with the ability for a video player to be embedded on interested parties’ websites, thereby extending the range of websites carrying the live proceedings. • All video to be captured to hard drive. Sessions will also be uploaded to YouTube as the day proceeds to allow playback immediately after each session. It is a requirement that material be captured locally to allow for this. • The Supplier will provide the Customer with copies of all files on a shared hard drive or secure online storage service no later than 72 hours post event. • Production of Video: There may be a requirement to produce short video/s (length to be agreed but estimated at around 5 minutes) of highlights of the process at various junctures but most likely at the conclusion of each Assembly. • Provision of Associated Services : The Supplier will be responsible for the installation and relocation of equipment between venues and meetings.


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AV Recording & Live Streaming of the Citizens’ Assembly and associated follow up services
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