1036/GI - TEN-T Preliminary Ground Investigation

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The scope of the works envisaged under this Site Investigation is as follows: Cable percussion boreholes (BHCP); Rotary core boreholes (BHRC) [some with a cable percussion borehole through overburden); Cable percussion boreholes with standpipes (BHSP); Trial pits to a scheduled depth (TP); Window sampling boreholes (WS); Obtaining samples for laboratory testing; Photography of the samples to allow for permanent record of strata and of the slit trenches to support the survey information; Completion of daily field reports and detailed logs recording all exploratory hole data; Laboratory testing of the samples; Reinstatement of exploratory holes and restoration of disturbed areas once operations are complete; Ground water level readings in the standpipes; Production of a factual Ground Investigation Report of the investigation and laboratory works as carried out under the proposed Contract; Preparation of Association of Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Specialists (AGS 4.0) digital data; and Perform the Role of PSCS.


17/10/2019 12:00:00

71351500-8  Ground investigation services
45111250-5  Ground investigation work
71332000-4  Geotechnical engineering services

Donegal County Council
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Rodney Irwin

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Contract notice (TED (v209)) 12/09/2019 17:10
Contract award notice (TED (v209)) 14/02/2020 14:10
TEN-T Preliminary Groumd Investigation
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