Contract award Lg: En Category: Original Form: 3 Version: R2.0.8.s02
Fd contract award Ctype: Supplies
Contracting authority information contract award
Name addresses contact contract award
Ca ce concessionaire profile
Officialname Department of Social Protection
Address Shannon Lodge,
Town Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim
Country Value: Ie
Contact point Client Identity Services
Attention Bernard Fitzpatrick
Phone +353 719672659
E mails
E mail
Internet addresses contract award
Url general
Url buyer
Type and activities and purchasing on behalf
Type and activities
Type of contracting authority Value: Ministry
Type of activity Value: Social protection
Purchasing on behalf
Purchasing on behalf no
Object contract information contract award notice
Description award notice information
Title contract Supply of Facial Image Matching Software
Type contract location w pub
Type contract Value: Supplies
Type supplies contract Value: Purchase
Location nuts

The Department expects delivery, installation and configuration of the software to a maximum of two Dublin based locations within four weeks subsequent to the award of contract

Nuts Code: Ie021
Short contract description

The Department of Social Protection invites tenders for the supply of facial image matching software.

Cpv main
Cpv code Code: 48328000
Contract covered gpa Value: Yes
Total final value
Costs range and currency with vat rate Currency: Eur
Value cost 212883
Excluding vat
Procedure definition contract award notice
Type of procedure def
Pt open
Award criteria contract award notice information
Award criteria detail f03
Most economically advantageous tender short
Criteria definition
Order c 1
Criteria see RFT document
Administrative information contract award
Previous publication information notice f3
Previous publication exists f3
Cnt notice information
Cnt notice information s Choice: Contract notice
Notice number oj 2011/S 127-210906
Date oj
Day 06
Month 07
Year 2011
No other previous publication
Award of contract
Contract title Supply of Facial Image Matching Software
Contract award date
Day 27
Month 04
Year 2012
Offers received number 2
Economic operator name address
Contact data without responsible name
Officialname 3M Ireland Ltd
Address 70 Sir John Rogerson's Quay
Town Dublin 2
Country Value: Ie
Contract value information
Initial estimated total value contract Currency: Eur
Value cost 212883
Excluding vat
More information if annual monthly
Complementary information contract award
Additional information

(ET Ref:420812)

Notice dispatch date
Day 01
Month 05
Year 2012